Localbook 101 grants you access to the business directory under a few terms and conditions. These terms are entwined with a legal contract, and in case you do not subscribe to agreeing to the conditions, we suggest you not access our site.


  1. The terms “You”, and “Yours” refer to the user who is crawling through our site.
  2. The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our” and “Ours” refer to the business directory, Localbook 101.
  3. Everything that Localbook 101 publishes or makes live related to your business; such as texts, images, audio, videos, or location, is only with your consent. Our business directory ensures that every marketing-based content related to your business goes public after your approval. So, it establishes that you are liable for every authenticity and information.
  4. This may include reviews, ratings, invitations, compliments, check-ins, messages, and other facts.

Site Usage:

Authorization of the Site:

Localbook 101 suggests you keep in mind that our site can only be accessed if you abide by the mentioned terms and conditions. You, therefore, are responsible for the content related to your business or profile, including the content that may perpetuate any wild and brooding sense. 

Access to the Site:

The site may face urgent updates and modifications or may be interrupted anytime without any prior notice.

We shall not grant you any access if you are our competitor. In case you try violating the rule, your account will immediately be blocked or dismantled.       

A User’s Account

You must create an account first to access our site. The step may ask you to provide substantial information related to you and your business, combined with some additional features. Just keep the track of your passwords and credentials as you are in charge of them.

Any inimical activity that may transpire using your account will totally be your concern. Just in case you sense anything off regarding the use of your account, report it to us immediately.  We reserve the right to close your account right at the moment.

The account is for your personal use. Given the use, we expect you to provide accurate details so that you may not be questioned later. Besides all this, impersonation is strictly depreciated, and using an email or any other information not related to you can lead to immediate suspension of the account.

The creation of multiple accounts is not allowed.

Dealing with Your Customer

Localbook 101 takes no responsibility for any sort of deal or communication that may take place between you and your customer.

Terms & Conditions May Change

Given the fact that nothing remains constant, a change in our terms and conditions is expected too. The changes in our terms can happen at different intervals, and we shall notify you of the changes via email. These changes may lead you to agree to newly posited principles about the site and its uses.


Know About Your Content

As we have already brought to your notice that your marketing-based content would be published only after your approval. Once it has been made public, the content cannot be withdrawn. Because the content is your business profile as it displays all that you offer. That’s why we expect you to share the authentic, verified, and latest information about your setup. We may also help you better your audio, videos, and content with our insightful suggestions.

Followed by such conditions and recommendations, if any of your details turn out to be falsified or misconstrued, you may get to face grave consequences.

Our Reserved Rights

We reserve the right to use your publicized content on different platforms as per the requirements. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you allow the users of this site to use the content. The term “use” here refers to copying, translating, and commercializing the content.


Although the live published content solely belongs to you as it represents your business profile and information, Localbook 101 assumes control over several features but is not limited to designs, graphics, visual interfaces, and a compilation of user-related content. All the rights on this account are reserved by us.



Some Restrictions:

Localbook 101 does not approve of inflicting any of the directory’s rules on its users, still, we shall appreciate it if you keep us posted about any irregular use or misuse of our rules and regulations.

You Agree:

Not to provide any wrong information, and violate the rules and regulations.

To respect the 3rd-party right that may encompass the rules related to breaching, the trademarks, copyrights, confidence, and moral rights.

Not to manipulate the searches through keyword spamming, and also not to continuously send emails, regardless of whether it is commercial or not.

Not to encroach on any of the set rules and laws.

Not to use robots or any other automated tool to access the site and steal away the information.

Not to frame or format anything pertinent to any portion related to this site.

Not to make any illicit attempt to access the “restricted areas” on the site or the user account.

Not to damage or disable any of the security features regulated by the company. Such an action will be considered an attempt to breach our policies, resulting in serious consequences. 

Termination of the Contract:

You reserve every right to end the written contract anytime but followed by prior written notice of 30 days.

As soon as we receive your call to end the contract, we can immediately close or suspend your account. In addition, we assume all the control to restrict your access to the site or completely ban it without notifying you.

Since we reserve all the rights, that’s why we bring to your kind notice that as soon as you cancel the contract, we may disable or take off your business pages.

What is the “No Contract” Rule?

Under the term “No Contract”, we do not hold you by any legality, but you still have the liberty to get the maximum of our services by a monthly contract each time. Once you sign our recurring contract, you reserve all the rights to cancel our subscription plan, but with prior notice of 30 days.



Refund and Payment-related Policies

We prefer upfront payments for fixed-price and monthly contracts if any other payment plan is not undertaken. The payment date refers to the billing date or the actual signup date for the project.

As soon as the monthly report of the keywords is issued, we may charge you for the next month.

All the payments made under the agreement are non-refundable.

The terms listed here are for your convenience.