Transforming your ideas into reality through digital marketing

  • April 20, 2024

Digital marketing in simple terms

Digital marketing also known as online marketing is where brands and businesses connect with potential buyers through the Internet and other forms of digital media such as emails, text messages, and mobile applications to sell their services and products.

Is digital marketing important?

With an increase in technology over the years digital marketing’s importance has come to the surface. Digital channels have become available to the vast majority from time to time. Digital marketing techniques are considered to be more accessible to the public as well as easy to read and grasp. Hence, digital marketing has become important to promote your brand and interact with the consumer markets in different forms and ways, using the different types of digital marketing.  

Crafting digital strategy through numerous types of digital marketing

  • Email marketing is the backbone of the internet

It is where brands connect with their new and existing consumers. They use email marketing software to manage their email database where they handle the new and the old subscribers. Statista- a data-gathering company states that on average businesses earn around 32 dollars for what they spend on email marketing, as people become aware of the brand and its promotions etc, and thus shop and avail the services.

  • Mobile marketing with the increase in phones

Has gained popularity around the world. Statistically, in the USA alone around 310 million people are using a smartphone. Mobile marketing consists of using text messages to convey the brand's name, services, promotions, etc. Not only that but the applications on the mobile device also deliver notifications to the user, keeping them in the loop about the brand, services, and promotions from time to time.

  •  Search engine optimization for traffic to your brand

Is another type that optimizes traffic to your site so it appears as one of the top sites on the search engines. Users come to find the site through unpaid methods. Google ranking factors help one in terms of assuring the site is one of the top ones on the search engines. According to a survey that was conducted it was reported that 49% of people agree that SEO delivers the highest return on an investment in digital marketing channels.

  • Content marketing for interacting through information

Is another type that includes blogs, videos, e-books, webinars, and podcasts to inform the consumer market. It is more of an informative tactic rather than being completely promotional. It helps to target the desired markets as well as helps influence the consumers into availing the products or services. Along with creating a buzz for the brands.  

  • Social media marketing for eye-catching

This is another type where the social media platform is used to target and influence the audience. One can create a social media profile for their brand that can advertise their ads on different social media applications. According to data published by Pew Research, it is proposed that for ages 15- 29, Instagram is one of the best platforms to reach for promotion. On the other hand, for ages 60 and above Facebook is one of the renowned platforms to reach out to for marketing the brand.  

  • Affiliate or influencer marketing for codes and brand names

This is another form where having a relationship with an influencer in the market can help you promote the products on their social media platforms through reels, videos, or posts. As well as they can also have codes affiliated with the brands so the consumers can get discounts when they shop through the codes, giving the brand business and making the brand renowned.  

  • Chatbot marketing for immediate conversations

 This uses AI software for chatbots that are found on different sites, social media, or apps that the consumers can interact with as the bots assist in guiding customers through their inquiries, providing information, sharing promotions, etc.

  • Pay-per-click advertising for deriving traffic

Is an advertising model where the advertisers pay a certain amount for every click, and they get to have more user engagement by targeting certain keywords and demographics.

  • Audio marketing for effortless information

This is a way where brands promote their products and services on the radio which comes in between news or songs. Not only that but music apps like Spotify also have audio ads in between. Audio marketing also includes home assistants like Alexa and Google Home where you ask and they swiftly speak the information out.

  • Marketing automation helps in keeping up

This is another reliable form it uses software for campaigns, which helps in the efficiency, and relevance of advertising delivering customers content they can relate to, thus giving them a more personalized experience. According to statistics 77% of the companies seem to believe real-time personalization.  


Unveiling the 4 most effective digital marketing techniques

The most effective technique widely depends on what kind of business it is, what is the budget, and what the target audience is. The following is based on the data proposed by Statista;

Content marketing has one of the highest success rates that is 17.4% based on data collected from worldwide marketers. It is done through using digital channels to promote valuable content.  84% of consumers expect companies to create content daily.

Marketing automation is the second up in digital marketing techniques with the same success rate which is 17.4%. It optimizes the usage of software and different data to draft highly useful content for consumer interactions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are another effective technique with 12.95% of users agreeing on this as a successful technique. This helps the marketers understand consumer engagement thus they can cater the strategies to them accordingly. It also includes search engine optimization.

Social media marketing is one of the other techniques. It has a success rate of 7.8% grasping the engagement of users through the different social media platforms, be it informative or promotional content.

 Final thoughts

After a vast analysis of the importance, the different types, and the most effective. We can agree that digital marketing has gained popularity. The old methods have been transformed using the latest technology along with more refined tips and tricks. Digital marketing gets the message across faster and provides prompt engagement from the consumer market.


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